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GMIT asset tags are made using high impact plastics and rust proof metals like Anodized Aluminum. Our tags come with a strong acrylic adhesive that permanently bonds to types of materials. Within this section there are three types of Asset Property Tags, 3 mil Anodized Aluminum, 8 mil Anodized Aluminum and Poly Carbonate Plastic. There are two sizes per tag type and three formats for size, 1. Black Print only, 2. Black Print with graphics, sequential numbers & bar codes. 3. Two colors with graphics, sequential numbers & bar codes. If purchasing a colored tag, your selection of color will be made just before checkout.
All of these tags are made to order, please allow 10 business days for shipment once you have signed off on the final proof.
8 mil Anodized Aluminum Asset Plates. Resistant to abrasion, solvents and harsh conditions. Aggressive adhesive back for bonding to many surfaces. Available in 2 sizes, Up to 2 colors, graphics, barcodes(Black) and sequential numbering. 500 Per Carton.
Poly (Plastic) Asset Tag. 10 mil Poly-Carbonate with a non-reflective finish. Resistant to chemical and extreme abrasion. Strong acrylic adhesive for excellent bonding to many surfaces. 2 sizes, Up to 2 colors (Bar Codes are Black). 500 Per Carton.
3 mil Anodized Aluminum Asset Tag. Printed and sealed for maximum durability. Resistant to chemicals, abrasion & harsh conditions. Aggressive adhesive for excellent bonding. 2 Sizes, Up to 2 Colors. Barcodes, Graphics & Sequential numbers. 500 Per Carton.
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