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DX850 Wide Label Dispenser

Price: $895.00
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Item Number: DISREWDX850
DX 850 Label Dispenser will handle liner widths 1" to 8.38" and up to a 8" roll diameter on a 2" or 3" Core. The unit will
dispense and peel the liner and hold the label in place until removed. Once the label is taken the unit will repeat
the process ensuring a steady flow in your production. The DX-850 wil dispense label lengths from 0.75" up to 24.0"
at a speed of 4 inches per second in default mode and 2 inches per second for label widths 6" to 8" wide. Also included
is a incremental counter that can be reset and adjusted to track your production.  With its heavy duty construction,
sleek clean design and easy adjustable settings it will serve your production for many years.
For a detailed specification sheet CLICK HERE .

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