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Welcome to the Printed Label section of GMIT. Within this category you'll find a wide variety of labels used in Shipping, Manufacturing, Warehousing and even the general office.
The labels shown are the more common type like hazard labels for chemical products, up-arrows or fragile labels used in shipping or asset tracking labels (tags) used by accounting to track company assets.  GMIT does do customer specific labels for primary product applications. Everything form multi-color labels to 4 color process to digitally printed labels. If this is what your looking for please contact us 704-786-0951 ext 223 so we can discuss your application and the available artwork file.

1-1/2" Round Paper Labels. Flood coated one color and pre-printed with select information. 29 different reading matters. Ideal for inventory tracking & handling. 500 Labels Per Roll.
Printed shipping & product labels typically used on products and packages to comply with various regulations governing the handling and transporting of chemicals and other sensitive products. Labels Per Roll is label size dependent.
GMIT offers various colored circles (dots) blank and pre-printed to aid in the management of your inventory. These can be used to mark what inventory has been counted or what should be used first in production. Sizes range from 3/4" to 1-1/2".
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