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Direct Thermal -Thermal Transfer Labels are primarily used in thermal printers to print information, graphics, and barcodes for the express purpose of placing the labels on products, packages and other items.  GMIT Labels are manufactured to the highest standards offering the end user superior print quality. Our labels meet and exceed the thermal printer manufacturers "accepted" label specifications.  The label you choose will depend on your reading matter, application and the printer you will be using.
Our colored labels are manufactured using superior face stocks and coatings to produce excellent print quality. All labels shown are wound out and have an approximate roll diameter of 8" for use in the vast majority of name brand thermal printers.
Direct Thermal Labels are used in thermal printers to print information, graphics and barcodes "without" the use of a Print Ribbon. The face coatings used are of superior quality to produce excellent printing and maximum printhead life.
Thermal Transfer labels are generally used in thermal printers with a thermal print ribbon to print information, graphics and barcodes. Core size, label size, adhesive and color are all dependent on your application and printer model.
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