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TAGS-PRODUCT/RACK/ASSET The tags listed in this category are generally used to tag Products, Warehouse racks and shelving, and company assets like equipment-computers-office furniture and other items generally deemed  as "Company Assets".  There are hundreds of versions of tags for each of the groupings listed. We have chosen to only list the items that are most common for GMIT. If you don't find what you're looking please let us know, we may in fact already have it and just not listed on our website.
Product tags can be multipart, singular, with carbons, carbonless, printed or blank. They can be attached with plastic ties, metal ties or string. If you don't find the specific tag you want, call GMIT at 704-786-0951. We'll construct one for you.
All that you need to identify your warehouse inventory. We have shelf rack clear vinyl card holders, cards and "write-erase" magnets cut to size and in roll form. Call us about our warehouse aisle signage or inventory color stickers. GMIT 704-786-0951.
GMIT asset tags are made using high impact plastics and rust proof metals. Our tags come with a strong acrylic adhesive that permanently bonds to most surfaces. Printed up to 2 colors utilizing barcodes, sequential numbers and graphics.
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