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Welcome to the Print Ribbon section of GMIT's website. There are a couple of items to note as you shop around. The industry refers to this product line as "Thermal Transfer Ribbons", we at GMIT refer to them as our customers do, "Print Ribbons". Print Ribbons generally fall into three classifications; Wax, Mid-Range and Resin. Wax (Resin Enhanced Wax) is great for all label face stocks made of paper, both coated and un-coated. Mid-Ranges perform well on synthetic label face stocks such as vinyls, polypropylenes..etc. Resin Print ribbons have a couple of grades within this group we refer to them as Grade 3 and Grade 5. The difference between theses grades is the durability, heat resistance, abrasion and chemical resistance. For your convenience we have included application and use guides that will assist you in your decision. Please feel free to refer to them. To make your selection easier, just call us at 704-786-0951 and take advantage of our expertise.

Resin Enhanced Wax Print Ribbons for Zebra Printers. A wide selection of sizes, colors and grades to suit most printing applications. Designed and manufactured for the ultimate print quality and extending the life of the print head.
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